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Hello! Welcome to Sawyer LIMS, a Last Icon Maker Standing community! Here is where you will make icons and compete with fellow icon makers. Inspired by communities like lost__lims and hermione_lims.

o1. Go here and sign up. You have until Wednesday, November, 2008 to sign up for the sixth round. The first challenge will go up the following week. Please make sure that you join the community after or before you sign up. You must put "cloverfield?" in the subject line of your comment or in your comment on the sign up post so that I know you've read the rules.

o2. After the first challenge goes up, you will have FIVE DAYS to make and submit your entry to the submission/challenge post. If you haven't signed up by the indicated deadline, you cannot participate in the second round of this LIMS community. You MUST enter every single challenge until you are voted out. Everyone is automatically granted one skip for signing up that you may use AFTER the first challenge, but after that one skip, you do not have any more UNLESS you've advertised the community somewhere and have shown me that you have. I must repeat that EVERYONE who signs up MUST enter the first challenge.

o3. On the fifth day, voting will be posted. You do NOT have to be a member to vote, but you MUST follow the indicated voting rules that are stated inside the voting post(s). When you vote, you vote for the icons that you think should be VOTED OUT, NOT the best ones; so basically, your least favorite. For every icon you choose, you must have a valid reason for wanting to vote it out. For the record, "I don't like it" is NOT a valid excuse.

o4. The voting period will last for a minimum of two full days, 48-hours. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes will be disqualified from the contest. If you are voted off, however, you are still free to vote in the challenges afterward. Also, if you enter you must vote - if you do not vote in two consecutive challenge you will be disqualified. The final five people will not be allowed to vote in the final 5 challenges.

o5. You may NOT post your submission ANYWHERE before the until AFTER the voting period; If I catch anyone doing this, you and your submission will be DISQUALIFIED.

-This is a contest for icon makers from the LOST fandom (Specifically the character James "Sawyer" Ford) and is open to contestants of all skill levels. Everyone is welcome to participate in this community. However, if you won't be able to handle getting 'voted out' or cannot enter every week, don't sign up.

-Each week one or more new images will be posted. Those images are the only images you are allowed to use. Stock photos, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed. All images will, obviously, contain the character Sawyer. You must make an icon from that picture whether you like it or not. Animation will be allowed in the fifth round.

So Hurry up and join! You might be named "The Last Icon Maker Standing"!

- Round #1: lastyearswishes
- Round #2: losty_ville
-Round #4: eternalphoenix_
-Round #5: padabee
-Round #6: padabee

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Listed at Pleiades Mods!

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-Rules were pretty much taken entirely from hermione_lims, I really only modified one rule.
-All images will come from one of the following websites: Lost Media, Lost TV, Josh Holloway Fan.