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Round 7 Challenge 5 Voting

welcome to our final three - if you entered, please don't vote ;) closedCollapse )

Final Reminder!!

You still have another day or so, but no one has entered yet, so I think you all should, maybe, get on it :) thanks!

Round 7 Challenge 5

the I's have it and it is a final three - thanks for weighing in - it doesn't make me feel quite a dictator by doing it this way - this will serve as our final round as well - so bring your 'A' game ;) I'm amping up this challenge, have fun!Collapse )

Round 7 Challenge 4 Results

I'm a little torn about the results this week, we went from 8 to 4 participants because people didn't enter. I think it would only be fair to start from the final four here, but I don't know if that's just a major tease and a prolonging of an already difficult task. These are the results as of today, down to the final four, but if every one's who's still in, can comment on whether we should be at the final four or three, I'd appreciate it.

Eliminated with -4 votes:

by raths_kitten

I'm sorry to see you go, but we'll see if we don't do the final four this round instead :)

People's Choice with +3 votes:

by good_memories

detailed resultsCollapse )

Final Reminder!!

Only one person has chosen to enter this week. Only two people can use skips and since no one has requested any, looks like we have a winner of this lims by default. So if you want to contest it, then please enter by tomorrow night.

Round 7 Challenge 3 Results

thank you to all of you that entered and voted - unfortunately we must still say farewell to another fab iconmaker!

Eliminated with -4 votes:

by leftofmyheart

Thanks for participating, hun!

Tie for People's Choice with +2 votes:

by good_memories and

by allllure

Unfortunately, since allllure failed to vote in two consecutive sessions of voting, allllure is eliminated from the lims. Thank you for participating.

detailed resultsCollapse )

Round 7 Challenge 3 Voting

the following people did not enter icons and are forced to use a skip: sparklingeye, sjlnechnaia, lovelei, dance_the_dance and icequeen3101

and because of all this rampant skipping, from now until we're down to the final five, only two people can skip per round, only one person even asked for a skip this round and you had tons of extra time to make an entry - once we get to the final five, no more skips allowed.

closedCollapse )



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